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Time Does Not by Elena: $25

Monk 'n Nun Tee by Elena: $25

In Plain Sight Tee by Elena: $25

Goose Tote by Anna: $15

Duck Duck Goose Shirt by Anna: $20

Monk 'n Nun Tote by Elena: $20

In Plain Sight Tote by Elena: $20

Intertwined Tote by Anna: $25

Birdie Tote by Anna: $20

I'm Strong Tote by Anna: $20

Red Tiger Tote by Anna: $15

Ass Eating Tote by Anna: $15

Jade's Totes

Cotton totebags with hand-drawn designs. Each is one-of-a-kind. Hand wash 

Run Rabbit Tote by Jade: $20

Run Rabbit Tote 2 by Jade: $20

Fancy Chicken 1 Tote by Jade: $20

Floral Tote 1 by Jade: $20

Floral Tote 2 by Jade: $20

Chicken Goes Bark Tote by Jade: $20


Assorted Earrings by Elena: $6

Hoop Earrings by Elena: $15

Hoops by Jade: $14

Eggie Earrings by 

Elena: $13-15

Assorted Earrings by Jade's mom: $12

More Assorted Earrings by Jade: $10

Miscellaneous Clay Earrings by Jade: $13

Clay Heart Earrings by Jade: $13

Clay Teeth Earrings by Jade: $12

Little  Bee Earrings by Elena: $13

Nervous Narutomaki Earrings by Elena: $13

Pearl and Mushroom Earrings by Elena: $12

Pearl Drop Earrings by Elena: $15

Green Pearl and Mushroom Earrings by Elena: $12

Flower Bud Earrings by Anna: $6

Assorted Fruit Earring by Elena: $13

XO Earrings by Anna: $6

Fruit Earrings by Anna: $6

Bumblebee Earring: $6

Fishy Earrings by Anna: $6

Fishy In Bag Earrings by Anna: $6

Blue Ball Earrings by Anna: $6

Necklace by Anna: $12

Blue Earrings by Anna: $6

Digital Prints

Pussy by Anna: $5
Ass Time by Anna: $10
Find Your Happy Place by Anna: $5

Mr. Frog by Elena: $10

Fittonia by Elena: $10

Chickens Deserve Hands by Elena: $5

Little Blue Man by Elena: $5

Act Natural by Elena: $5

No Thought Cat by Anna: $5

Sleep Time Cat by Anna: $5

Not there Yet by Elena: $10
Pieta in Purple by Elena: $10
Who Invited You by Elena: $10

Cockster by Anna: $5

I Need Money by Anna: $5

Mini Prints by Jade:  $5

I Farm U Eat by Jade

Large print- $10        Small Print- $5

Sissy by Anna: $5

Stop It by Anna: $10

Time Out by Anna: $5
A Little Strange mini print by Elena: $4
Blessed are these Gifts large print: $10
In Plain Sight large print: $10

Original Work

No Need to Fill Silence by Elena: $25

A Little Strange by Elena: $30

Time Does Not by Elena: $35

Sissy by Anna: $25

Mold by Jade: $50

Hand-made sketchbooks by Elena: $10-20

Cyanotypes by Elena: $8

Each print is made using a light-sensitive dye and is one of a kind! Check out our assortment of cyanotypes below!


Blue Cat by Anna: $15
Green Cat by Anna: $15
Lazy Cat Trinket Dishes by Anna: $15
Cake Time by Anna: $15

Strawberry Trinket Dishes by Anna: $15

Cherry by Anna: $15

Strawberry by Anna: $15

Mush by Anna: $15

Flowers by Anna: $15

Stickers, Pins, and Keychains

Nervous Star Key Chains by Elena: $4-6

Happy Doggie by Anna: $2

Wink by Anna: $2

Strawberry Doggo by Anna: $2

Shy Cactus by Anna: $2

Lovey Soup by Anna: $3

Happy Plant by Anna: $2

Game Time by Anna: $2

Strawberry by Anna: $2

Orange Juice by Anna: $2

I'm Strong by Anna: $3

Goose by Anna: $2

Cherry by Anna: $2

Man Fish by Anna: $2

Boiled Egg Pins by Elena: $3